2016-10-30 – Align project dictionary

Single Point of Reference

The script


helps me to compare the outputs of geometry-Model implementations

  • bikeGeometry
  • bikeFacade

The project dictionary is referenced by

cleanup myGUI::modelAdapter::modelDICT

supplied by:

 [$modelContext getModelDictionary]

The current situation shows that parameters are held in owning objects (e.g. Scalar Fork Rake) and sometimes in Geometry context (e.g. Geometry Fork_Rake) too.

There is a need to have a single point of reference by dont modify GUI if possible. Therefore  I do this cleanup in


and handle the related exceptions in


To update these parameters the related exceptions are handle in

myGUI::modelAdapter::AdapterBikeFacade ->  set_Scalar


Parameters have to be supplied in their object context.
The geometry context is for exceptions only, if parameter does not belong to an object

myGUI::modelAdapter::AdapterBikeGeometry -> getModelDictionary

Example: ChainStay-Length

There is a length between BottomBracket and Rearwheel called ChainStay-Length. There is also a tube called Chainstay with a specic length. At the end this leads to the following result

  • Scalar / Geometry / ChainStay_Length
    • distance between BottomBracket and Rearwheel
  • Scalar / ChainStay / Length
    • length of the ChainStay Tube


Rename Parameters

... Polygon/ChainStay_RearMockup
    ... to Polygon/ChainStay_XY
... Position/ChainStay_RearMockup
    ... to Position/ChainStay_XY
... Polygon/ChainStay_XY
    ... to Profile/ChainStay_XY



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