CAD Software for bicycle frame builders







rattleCAD is a free and openSource software project. rattleCAD supports bespoked bicycle frame builders with a fully inside parametric bicycle model . rattleCAD guides you through the design process by configure the base geometry before refining the bicycle frame itself. Based on this refinement rattleCAD creates workshop drawings including the main miters of round tubes. rattleCAD provides settings for different frame jigs on one hand a set of components to build a bicycle mockup on the other hand.


rattleCAD uses XML file format to store project information and SVG file format to represent single components to mockup your bicycle.

All drawing views inside rattleCAD can be exported in different file formats to be used in a workshop or in an additional design process step.

rattleCAD is hosted on sourceforge.net and its official homepage is http://rattlecad.sourceforge.net. rattleCAD can be downloaded from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/rattlecad/files.

rattleCAD is written in the dynamic programming language Tcl/Tk.